2017 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge · Book Reviews

Allegiance of Honor (Psy-Changeling #15) by Nalini Singh

Allegiance of Honor B.C.

This is one of my favorite series. I was actually surprised to see I hadn’t reviewed any books in this series on my blog. I know I’ve re-read the series multiple times, but somehow I just never reviewed them. This is the fifteenth installment in the series and it’s more of a check-in with the people you’ve met throughout the series. There are a few new developments, but it’s mostly just a way to set up for the next few books.

The majority of the books in this series are stand-alones. However, I recommend that you have to read at least the three books before this one in order to really understand what is going on and who the people are. As the book is a way to catch up with everything, it covers and talks about a lot of information, events, and people that you have to be familiar with or you’ll most likely be lost and not able to completely enjoy the book.

I loved being able to catch up with the characters I haven’t seen in a while, but the series does a fairly good job of interacting with most of the characters in each book. The book also does a good job of giving a comprehensive picture of what is going on in the series at the time. However, I felt the book kind of drug along because there were so many people she was trying to cover. There was also a lot of repetition with different couples talking about the same event from different points of view. There also wasn’t really a story line. There was a short one about a kidnapping attempt, a longer one about finding a missing person, and an overview of two developing ones that will start to happen in the next book. I’d say it’s a must read for the series lovers, a good idea to read it if you are reading the series, but can be skipped if you don’t mind missing a couple pieces of information that will contribute to the story lines in other books.

My rating:

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