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Rachel’s Guard (The O-Line, #2) by Jillian Jacobs

Rachel's Guard B.C.

This is the second book in the O-Line series by Jillian Jacobs. The series followers the members of the offensive line of the Manchester Marauders football team. I didn’t actually read the first book because I picked this book up through a Kindle sale. The story follows Warren “Bronco” Murray’s search for answers after his grandmother lets slip she killed a man named Thomas whom Bronco thinks is his real father. The love interest is Rachel Harris, a private investigator and mystery writer, that I picked up was introduced to Bronco in book  one. The two team up to discover the truth of Bronco’s heritage. They uncover some nasty family secrets and it’s just one crazy turn after another. The secondary story line through the whole book is Rachel’s obsessive mission to find her brother who was kidnapped by the Russian mafia when she was about eight.

The story lines intertwine and work off of each other throughout the book. You have Bronco putting everything he can into a relationship with Rachel and Rachel holding everything back because she doesn’t want to get hurt. I can say honestly this book kept my attention. There was always a lot going on and twists and turns everywhere. That was also the problem. There was no downtime in the book, no time for the characters to process and deal with things emotionally. I felt that the emotional growth of the characters was basically non-existent because it was one thing after another and then they would just have this emotional epiphany. There didn’t seem to be any real processing of emotional issues or discussions on how to deal with anything. It was just “oh I shouldn’t do that anymore” and then that was it.

I think if the book had been lengthened and the two story lines worked a little more separately it would have helped. There needed to be a break in the book. Reading it felt like a race in constant sprint instead of either a slow meandering through the story line in order to savor it or a hike that had a few twists and turns but could take your time. Overall it wasn’t bad, I just think it needed a little work and finessing. I actually thought the story lines were quite interesting and would like to go back and read the first and next few books in the series but I need a little bit of a break. It was a little tiring to read from all the stuff going on in the book.

My rating:

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