In Kelly’s Corner (Fighting Connellys #1) by Roxie Rivera

The story follows Bee, an upcoming software designer, and how Kelly, a security experts, gets pulled into her world because of a stalker. This slowly morphs into a stalker and a blackmailing of Bee by two different people for two different reasons. Additionally, Kelly is dealing with his own problems as his dad’s gambling debt gets called by the Albanian mob – and for a lot more than what Kelly and his brothers were expecting.

I had mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, there was an interesting story line with a couple twists that I did not see coming. It was not a standard stalker novel and the addition of the blackmail I didn’t see coming at all. I was able to figure out who the stalker was relatively quickly, but the author did a good job of playing around with who it was. The blackmail was a developed very well, with a solid back story and all the conniving and stressful aspects common in blackmail. The interaction between the stalker story line and the blackmail story line were also intertwined quite well. The addition of Kelly’s dad’s gambling debt payoff was played as a side story and not touched on a great deal, but you didn’t forget about it either.

On the other hand, I had a lot of trouble relating to the main male character (Kelly). I don’t know why, but I just could not like Kelly and I really tried. I don’t want to give details away, but at one point he does something that I would have not believed he would actually do. In the end, like any normal romance, everything turns out well, but it is a very rocky road. I did have a little fondness for Bee, but again I struggled relating to her. I’m not entirely sure why.

My rating:

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Her Russian Protector #1-3 by Roxie Rivera

I picked up this box set of short novellas while they were on sale the other day. It contains the first three books of Roxie Rivera’s Her Russian Protector series. They are fairly quick reads, I finished the collection on a lazy Sunday. Not a bad little series. I am waiting for the fourth book to go on sale to finish the quartet that follows the brothers. I recommend it to anyone who is dabbling in erotica or loves hot romance/life and death stories. I probably won’t pick it up again, but I will most likely remember it. You can definitely see the author developing her writing skills though as you progress through the three books, which is a nice surprise.


This follow’s Ivan and Erin’s story. I don’t know why, but I was not a fan of this story. I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue reading after this book, but I did anyway. Erin’s drug addict sister goes missing and Erin approaches Ivan because it is one of his employees her sister was dating. Through the book, you find out the situation is much worse than was first suspected and Erin and Ivan are nearly killed. The two have a spark of interest in each other from the very beginning. As the story progresses, they start sleeping together the day they meet and their affection grows exponentially every day. The book was probably a quarter sex scenes, but it did kind of have a story line. It was pretty short as well. I find these kind of books rather boring if they are so unrealistic. This would probably never happen in any realm of possibility as it did, but hey that is what books are for.

My rating:

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After Ivan’s story, I was pleasantly surprised by Dimitri’s book. It follows the love story between him and Benny (Benita), who he has loved for years. You are introduced to them in the first book. The story picks up pretty much right as Ivan finishes.  Benny’s business is in major financial trouble and her brother is off running with the Hermanos gang and making life even more difficult for her. Dimitri insists on helping her at every turn, and one night after a particularly trying day, Dimitri finally gets her on a date. The story builds from there. A nasty real estate agent goes after Benny like a shark and Benny’s brother gets into a nasty mess. Through it all Dmitri tries to help her, even calling in his brothers to get them out of some really nasty scrapes. It is actually a great love story and I thought much better than the first book. There is just as many sex scenes in this book, and quite a bit of kink as well, but the story is also much longer. All in all, pretty well done.

My rating:

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Loving couple in the car embraces

Yuri’s book follows the story of him and Lena. Lena is a PR rep that is fighting with her biggest client. She eventually quits and winds up looking to start a new business. She ends up with Yuri, who has been trying to date her for months. Lena’s cousin gets into major trouble, and it eventually comes back to her. While trying to meet a ransom demand for her father, Yuri finds out someone else is gunning for him by going after Lena. This particular path of the story line helps you learn more about the brothers’ history together in the orphanage, in particular Nikolai. Once again all the brothers and the girls pull together to help each other. Again, a lot of sex scenes, but not too bad. I had a harder time relating to the characters, but that is me.

My rating:

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