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El Dorado Movie Poster

I found out yesterday that a poem in one of my favorite John Wayne movies, El Dorado, was actually written by Edgar Allan Poe. I hadn’t actually thought about it before. I thought it had been written for the movie. However, my husband and I bought a copy of the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe for our home library yesterday. I flipped through the table of contents on the drive home and stumbled across Eldorado in the list of poems. When I flipped to it, imagine my surprise when I read the exact poem from the movie. It was a good day.


By Edgar Allan Poe

Gaily bedight,

a gallant knight,

in sunshine and in shadow,

had journeyed long,

singing a song,

in search of Eldorado.


But he grew old –

this knight so bold –

and o’er his heart a shadow –

fell as he found

no spot of ground

that looked like Eldorado.


And, as his strength

failed him at length,

he met a pilgrim Shadow –

‘Shadow’, said he,

‘Where can it be-

This land of Eldorado?’


‘Over the Mountains

of the Moon,

Down the Valley of the Shadow,

ride, boldly ride,’

the Shade replied,

‘in search of Eldorado!’