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Dose Vidanya (Silver Hills #1) by Sam Cheever


Flo and Agnes live a the Silver Hills Seniors and Singles Residence. Agnes is a retired weightlifter with a death-predicting cat and Flo is an inquisitive middle aged woman with an attack dachshund. Trouble starts when one of the kitchen staff is found dead in the basement. The police believe it to be natural causes, but Flo thinks otherwise. She begins her own investigation with the help of Agnes, the Activities Director called T.C., and her friend (and crush) Roger. Between a ransacked apartment, a set of night managers who are content to let the residents think they’re vampires, a policeman with a crush, and various residence characters, Flo and her buddies get into several uncomfortable places – all leading up to a final confrontation with the killer!

I think if I was a fan of the genre (cozy, retirement age, mysteries) this would be a fabulous book. I found myself laughing out loud several times and the characters were well-developed and relate-able. The story line moved well, the setting unique and interesting, and the plot not unbelievable. I’ve read enough mystery books that I was able to predict a few things which was both nice and annoying because I was like – Why aren’t the other characters noticing this? Also, the policeman was made to look somewhat inept, which is addressed but still somewhat annoying. I did like how the story built and that you got to see an investigation from an amateur sleuth point of view that made you feel like you could attempt the same thing. However, the stuff these women did would probably have gotten them arrested or several pieces of evidence thrown out at trial.

I did enjoy it. I can’t say I was fully pulled into the story, but it kept my interest. There was plenty of humor to balance out the murder story line. There was also a decent shot at predicting the killer which can be fun if it’s something you’re into. It did set up for a decent series with memorable characters and enough leeway to include variety in later story lines.

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Immortal in Death (In Death #3) by J. D. Robb


I thought this was another of the more brilliant books in the series. It starts out with Eve meeting Mavis’s new lover, an upcoming designer named Leonardo. At the meeting, they have a rather violent run in with Leonardo’s ex, a rising star named Pandora. Pandora is later found beaten to death in Leonardo’s study by Mavis, leading to Eve having to arrest her best friend for murder even when she knows she didn’t do it. Shortly after, Officer Peabody refers a case to Eve that has striking similarities to Pandora’s death. After a third similar murder takes place, the book really takes off. It takes a while, but eventually the cases become linked and the narcotics department want to take over. After being forced to work together, the Eve and the narcotics department settle on Eve leading the investigation with the narcotics department helping. With the help of Officer Peabody, Roarke, and Finney, Eve is eventually able to release Mavis. The trail for the real murder is complicated and intricate. All of Pandora’s friends, high level models, actors, producers, and investors, all become suspects. It is difficult to find a link to the highly dangerous new drug that is the motive behind the gruesome murders. The solving of the case was very interesting to read. It took me a while to guess who the actual culprit was.

On the personal side, this is the book where Eve and Roarke get married. It is interesting to see her wading through the preparations for the wedding because it is not usually stuff she handles. Also, a recent case stirs up memories about her past that cause her a lot of stress. She reaches out to Dr. Mira and opens up new memories of her childhood she would rather remain buried. They break free at a point that is helps her connect deeper with Roarke and even Sommerset. You get to know Dr. Mira better this book which I liked. I find her a very interesting character. You also really get to see Eve, the things that make her tick and how she handles emotional relationships. It is done extremely well. It is a great book for see who the characters really are. The whole book is emotionally charged. There were times you felt you heart being torn right along with Eve as she dealt with everything going on in her life and the case.

This probably isn’t the best book to start with if you are just getting into the series, but it definitely is one of the ones that stands out for me. It’d recommend it to anyone who likes murder mystery books or romantic suspense. This one had equal measure of both topics in it. The stories are wound together fantastically. A great read, but be prepared to be emotionally moved.

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