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Real Neat Blog Award

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I’ve been nominated!

I’d like to thank Bookheathen’s Right to Read for nominating me for a Real Neat Blog Award! I’m very flattered. The idea is for me to respond by answering a few questions and by nominating some other friends to do the same. Wow!

These are the rules:


1. Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.

2. Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.

3. Create 7 questions for your nominees.

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Well, here are the questions I was asked:

  1. What inspired you to start writing a blog?
    I just wanted to start recording my thoughts and opinons on books, as well as keeping a log of what I’ve read.
  2. Do you have an all-time favorite book and, if so, what is it?
    Ride the Wind by Lucia St. Claire Robson is definitely right in the top mix. Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier is there as well along with The High Lord (Book 3 of the Magician’s Guild Trilogy) by Trudi Canavan. I know I reread those one regularly. I also love Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte, and Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.
  3. It’s a commonly held opinion that a movie is never as good as the book on which it is based. Do you have a favorite movie that you think is better than the book? [just one, in case you have more]
    I thought the Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira Knightly was better than the book. Only because it followed the story almost exactly, the costuming and language were spot on, and it made the story move a little more interestingly and quickly.
  4. What do you look for in your favorite blogs – e.g. poems, humor, challenging writing, serious issues, frivolity, art, photographs  etc – or whatever?
    I like interesting articles on random book knowledge and also polls and book crafts.
  5. What historical figure is your role model, if any, and why?
    I don’t really have a historial role model.
  6. What is your favorite indulgence – e.g. chocolate, expensive holidays, fast cars etc – or whatever?
    Totally books and chocolate LOL and yarn for crocheting.
  7. What recipe can you offer for achieving world peace?
    I think everyone should have to visit different countries and live there for a minimum of two months. This way they can experience how different people live and have a better appreciation of the difficulties and values of different societies.

And here are MY questions:

  1. What inspired you to start writing a blog?
  2. Do you participate in any reading challenge(s)? Which one(s)?
  3. What is your favorite book format and why? (Paperback, Hardback, Kindle/E-book, Audiobook, Large Print, etc.)
  4. What is your favorite NON-fiction book?
  5. What is your go to book store when you are looking for something?
  6. What hobbies do you have aside from reading?
  7. What are your five favorite fictional places?

My nominees are:

  1. Maria Casacalenda – Big City Bookworm
  2. Ajoobacats
  3. Kindles and Wine
  4. Robert – 101 Books
  5. A Year of Reading the World
  6. Becky – Blog of a Bookaholic
  7. The Classics Club
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Attention All Readers: World Education’s Pages 4 Progress Charity

Attention All Readers: World Education’s Pages 4 Progress Charity. – by Ajoobacats

I have recently become aware of a very worthy charity and cause called World Education’s Pages 4 Progress, who believe literacy is the gateway out of poverty.


This inspiring charity is trying to raise three million pages read and registered around the globe by World Literacy Day, September 8th 2015, to raise awareness and money for literacy programmes. I think this is a fantastic way to make your summer reading count towards something very worthwhile.



So if you enjoy reading pop over to Pages4Progress and share what you’ve read by registering your pages and join in this summer to do something positive from your favourite reading nook simply from logging the pages of a book, newspaper, magazine or webpage. It all counts!



Reading is important on a basic level in order to learn and assimilate information and to pass it on. Recreational reading fuels the imagination and creativity. Reading is necessary in most careers and is an infinite pathway to getting new experiences.


This is a hard one, I learnt about how attention to detail is important in conveying messages to an audience from films in the book I am currently reading and that my friend did not like the red velvet cake she tried for the first time today.


I have so many books I have read and loved but so far this year Mark Edwards’ Follow You Home gave me the most chills so far. It was scary and full of suspense to satisfy a thriller junkie like me.


Taking part in the Pages4Progress reading challenge and promoting it here on my book blog so that fellow bloggers join in to raise awareness is a good start. I would like to pledge as many pages as I can and also donate money to this worthy cause, continue to support Pages4Progress and follow the progress they make.


There are so many factors that affect education from some States not having the funds to implement primary school education, to cultural differences in the way girls and boys are educated, shortage of teachers to health issues among children who are among the poorest in the world. Marginalization is a term often thrown around to describe children who find themselves in the margins of society, both in developed and developing countries, and do not benefit from learning that would help them develop intellectually and socially. Children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds are stuck in a cycle of illiteracy.


For every page read and logged there are match donors contributing to the Pages 4Progress fund, which will be used to make access to literacy easier.


I have many favourite memories of being totally lost in books and welcome the wonder and escape books provide me.

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Versatile Blogger Nomination

A huge thank you to Leanne at All Write-y Then for her nomination of me for the versatile blogger award! Be sure to visit her blog at: http://allwritethen.blogspot.com/ I have seen these nominations pop up on other bloggers sites, but I never thought I would be nominated. I appreciate it very much. I started blogging in January and was surprised by the 35 followers I have, let alone being nominated. I hope to keep up my work and help to expand reading. I love reading and I hope others can share that love or begin to love reading as I do. I only hope my reviews will help others discover new books and inspire reading.

  1. Nominate 15 other relatively new-ish bloggers
  2. Let them know that you have nominated them
  3. Post ten random facts about yourself
  4. Be sure to thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award image to the post
Bloggers I Nominate:
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  15. Books, Books, & More Books – http://booksbooksmorebooks.blogspot.com/

Ten Random Facts About Me

  1. I am a Spanish teacher in a public school.
  2. My husband and I have actually never lived together yet aside from a couple of months, which is hopefully ended as soon as he finishes his Masters in May!
  3. I have an additional certification to teach art.
  4. This is my only blog that I have actually been able to remember to post regularly. (My blogging usually fizzles out in a week and I end up deleting the blog LOL)
  5. I have one little sister who lives in Virginia.
  6. I LOVE to travel.
  7. I keep a fish tank full of glass fish on my desk at school.
  8. I run my church’s Facebook page.
  9. I am working on my Masters in Education.
  10. I don’t carry a purse very often, mostly just my wallet or a backpack…but almost always with a book!

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