2018 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge · Random Thoughts

New Year and Another Reading Challenge

So as many of you noticed, my blog began to get stagnate around September. I started back to work and, though I was still reading, I didn’t review my books or log the books I read for my reading challenge. Since the beginning of the year, my household has been through a couple changes and I’ve been settling in to that as well. Now that I have finished (finally!) my first book of the year, I’m hoping to settle in and renew my reading challenge for this year and to restart my reviews.

I am again doing the POPSUGAR challenge. I’ve uploaded the information to my 2018 Reading Challenge page and hope to finish a few challenges by the end of the month. I was able to finish over half last year, which was more than my 2016 year, but still not as good as my 2015 year. However, with life comes distractions, so any improvement is a great step.  I’m going to be marking books for multiple challenges if they fit, instead of just one. However, I plan not to have repeat books by the end of the year if I can manage it. This may be a pipe dream though since I found out that I’m pregnant (yes, planned and yes, good news 🙂 ). With a new baby arriving, my time will definitely be limited on how much I’ll be able to read.

Also, since I changed my theme back in September, I haven’t had a chance to ask you guys if you like the new image of the page. What do you all think?

Well here’s to a hopeful year! Feel free to let me know if you all are doing any reading challenges and, if you are, which ones. Talk to you soon!


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