2017 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

Training Your Pit Bull by Joe Stahlkuppe

Training Your Pitbull B.C.

So I had some issues with this book. Frankly, as a pit bull owner, this book pissed me off. I am a newer owner. Spike (we adopted him with this name, it was not my idea LOL) is my first pit bull but I have been around others before deciding to adopt him. I felt that as a new owner, I should read up on the breed and training tips to help me make the most of my time with Spike.

This book actually terrified my when I first read it. The first third of the book is pit bull history and whether you should adopt or buy a pit bull based on your personality and life-style. Since we had already adopted Spike at this point, I was horrified to read that both my personality and life-style are the opposite of what this guy wants for pit bull owners.

The majority of the book explains why you need to control you pit bull at all times and how everything you do can go wrong and end up killing your pit bull. Some of the advice I believe is way too restrictive and cannot be applied to every pit bull. The author expects all the pit bull owners reading the book to not have a clue how to handle a dog and warn them against every possible way a pit bull can be provoked into a fight. They really aren’t as wild and unruly as he makes them seem.

I actually had a really hard time finishing the book because of how much it annoyed me. There was good advice on how to train and the history was very interesting. Also, he talks about some of the activities you can do, such as agility training and a Canine Good Citizenship certificate. However, the rest of the book is a bunch of reasons why you either shouldn’t own a pit bull, why you must have them in complete control at all times, and how your pit bull will be killed if you don’t take every imaginable precaution under the sun to make sure that your dog in no way looks like he is fighting or the cause of a problem.

I feel that if people read this book before they buy or adopt a pit bull, the breed will never be a house pet again. It really is a shame because the book did have some useful information in it. I think the book needs re-written by a writer who isn’t out to change the current breed and make sure only the most ideal people get the dogs. It needs to be written with someone who will list their advantages and support the owners in a way that won’t make them think twice about the dog they got. The book really does portray the breed as being able to go vicious at any time and at the drop of the hat. A different author and tone would definitely change the book.

My rating:

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