2016 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge, Book Reviews

Born in Ice (Irish Born #2) by Nora Roberts

For some reason I always forget how much I enjoy Nora Roberts’ books. I was cruising for a new audiobook to listen to and stumbled across the Irish Born trilogy. I looked through each book and decided this one sounded the most interesting. I was not disappointed.

The narrator of the book was Fiacre Douglas. He has a deep Irish brogue and is quite delightful to listen to. The only real issue I had with his dialogue was every once in a while you couldn’t tell between dialogue and text reading. It wasn’t a major issue though and didn’t impede the book in any way.

The story is about Brianna Concannon and Grayson Thane. Brianna is a young woman who runs the Blackthorn Cottage Inn. Grayson is a world-renowned murder mystery writer who is looking for an out of the way place in Ireland to find the environment for his next book. He stays at the cottage for six months, doing research, writing his book, and learning about the people. He comes from no where, has no one, and claims no place as home. Brianna, her family, and the town confound him with their roots and ties. He is unable to understand them and the pull that gets stronger and stronger around him. Brianna, a strong soul who survived an unloving mother and a failed engagement is somehow confident in her emotions and feelings for Gray as the story progresses. She asks no promises and demands nothing as she falls deeper and deeper in love with him. The story is further wound up with a mysterious stock certificate and love letters found in their father’s possessions that Brianna decides to clean out.

The whole book is an emotional roller coaster. My heart was pulled every which way as Brianna and Gray in turns indulged and fought their relationship. Furthermore, the relationships between Brianna, her sister Margaret, her mother, and Murphy keep the in-between times full of interesting events and strong emotions. The book is in turns heart-wrenching and laugh out loud funny. I would find myself laughing and smiling in my car as I listened.

Even though the book is part of a trilogy it is completely a stand alone book. I am eager to start the next one in the series and then go back to read the first. The romance scenes are not overly explicit, just implied which is a nice change from some of the other romance books which seem to focus on the sex and not the growth of the emotions and relationships. I loved listening to how emotions grew and changed between the characters. I fully recommend it to anyone interested in a good romance.

My rating:

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