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Billion eBook Giveaway!


Reading is Fundamental! has teamed up with UsTyme to give away a billion digitally remastered and drawn e-books to be read online or on most mobile devices. It is entirely free. Here is the link: I actually went on and downloaded them myself to practice my Spanish since they have them all in Spanish as well. The books are beautifully drawn. The phone app allows you to stream a video of yourself and child reading the books right in the app. When you register an account you immediately get 50 children’s book classics. Will James at wrong an article about the program: With more and more children using technology, it is important to help foster literacy through that technology. Here is a way for the children to use the tools they are familiar with, that give them that instant gratification we are becoming addicted to, and to foster a love for reading. I think it is a great program and am hoping to spread the word so that children everywhere have access to books.

Here are some images of the app. Stop by the website and check it out!


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