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Changing Interests

As I get older (not that I’m very old – only 27) my taste in books is maturing. I’ve been told it would happen but I never really believed it. I still like romance but I pull away from the paranormal romance I used to gobble up like Tic Tacs. Also, I am branching out from romance into other genres mostly fiction and historical fiction for now, some mystery, too. I thank my reading challenge this year for helping me to branch out into new reading areas. It’s interesting to see what I’ll like and what draws me now that my tastes are maturing. I’m slowly venturing into biographies right now-I’m just careful to make sure it’s someone I find somewhat interesting to start with. Don’t be surprised if you see more non-romance books pop up on my review in the future. I’m looking forward to this growth and am choosing to embrace it. Happy reading!


1 thought on “Changing Interests”

  1. As someone a lot younger than yourself (18) I’ve always been into fiction, so I’m curious to see what genres I branch into.

    P.S. I’m a writer myself, and I write short stories and poems (Got a novel in the works). Feel free to check me out if you have time, any feedback is appreciated. Thanks 🙂


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