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Back to Buckhorn by Lori Foster

I want to start by saying I was kind of disappointed this was only a novella. I’m used to reading the other Buckhorn books that are long and really detailed. I loved reading about the brothers falling in love and was hoping this would be similar. I was similar, but I think there could have been a lot more to the story. Saying that, the author did a good job for such a short story.

The story follows Garrett and Zoey. Zoey comes back to Buckhorn because her mom is in the hospital, and decides she is going to stay and set up a pet grooming salon. Zoey was run out of town years ago because of an incident that left her high school football star boyfriend dead. Garrett is the hometown golden boy and a firefighter. He has always been drawn to the quirky, odd ball Zoey and now sees his chance to make his move. The story describes Zoey falling back into the comfort of small time life and remodeling her house while still dealing with some hostility about the past. Garrett is there to help her as often as he can and defending her against the haters. It is a nice story, but like I mentioned it could definitely been fleshed out more. There is a good mix of drama, romance, and emotional upheaval to keep it interesting and moving well.

I really liked and could relate easily to Zoey. I thought she was a fun, down to earth, realistic character I would like to know more about. Garrett is pretty much a standard romance hero, but it was nice to see the relationship develop in the book. Unfortunately, the ending is somewhat abrupt and doesn’t quite feel finished. I hope we run into the couple in later books to see how they are doing and how the story line plays out.

I would recommend this to anyone who liked the Buckhorn books or Lori Foster stories. It is a quick read, and would be a good summer read.

My rating:

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