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What Wendy Wants by Nikki Sex

So this is one of the books I have found that is precisely as it was described. Let me start by saying it is a super short novella. It only took me an hour to read. It is definitely an erotica novel, too. I picked it up just for one of those fun, don’t have to think, I have an hour or so to kill reads. It didn’t disappoint. As I am not much into erotica, this was a little out of my reading zone, but I didn’t think it was too bad. I liked the premise and think a few men should read it LOL. The story line follows Wendy and her husband. They have slowly drifted apart and neither of them is enjoying sex much anymore after 13 years of marriage. Her husband accidentally grabs her Kindle on day and ends up discovering all of her erotica stories. As an analyst, his curious and analytical mind instantly started to unwind exactly what his wife wants in the bedroom. The rest of the story is him organizing and going through with his plans to give her everything she wants. Like a said, quick erotica story, but the love of the couple and the marriage they had built was inspiring. It also was a good lesson on honesty and openness within the marriage. I think the most amusing part was the husband reading all the erotica books. Not a bad read for the summer if you’re looking for one.

My rating:

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