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Dropping Gloves (Portland Storm #10) by Catherine Gayle

Catherine Gayle’s ability to pull out strong emotion was again displayed brilliantly in this latest installment of the Portland Storms series. I had actually skipped a few books to read this one. I have only read 1-4, and 6 before this book, but since it was between Katie and Babs, I couldn’t wait to read it.

You meet Katie and Jamie “Babs” Babcock in the first books of the series and follow their budding, yet non-existent romance, through the different books. You are always hoping they will get together, but they never have. This book picks up as Katie returns from Los Angeles after her show, The Cool Kids, has been canceled and she is questioning her desire to go back to Hollywood. Jamie is finally trying to put Katie behind him, telling her that he can’t see her anymore if she is going to keep leaving. I won’t be giving away too much when I tell you that Katie decides to stay in Portland, especially after her cancer returns. The story follows Katie and Jamie as they begin to navigate a relationship and her cancer relapse.  It also follows Katie as she figures out what she wants to do now with her life, and Jamie as he adjusts and grows into being the captain of the Portland Storm team.

I liked the book as I had hoped to read the story for these two characters for a while. The book is not as emotionally intense as some of the previous books, but it is still very strong and emotionally authentic. You feel for both characters, feeling the struggles and heartaches they go through.It was a more common story line than I expected from the author, not quite as interesting as I expected, but she did it beautifully. Anyone who knows someone with cancer or who has cancer will appreciate the emotional struggles in the book. Anyone not linked to cancer will get a glimpse into the world that cancer patients and their families have to go through. Overall, a good book. I liked the first book more, but I can relate more easily to abuse survivors as opposed to cancer survivors.

My rating:

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