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Reading Classics

I have only started reading the classics in the last year or so. For me, I discovered that listening to them as audiobooks helps me read them quite easily. I love the stories, the love and adventure, and the glimpse into a time long past. However, I know reading classics is not to some people’s taste. I did, however, stumble across a blog post that reflected some great points about why people don’t read the classics and why they actually should.

The articles are originally posted on the Confessions of a Bookaholic by Emily.

She states people don’t read classics because:

  1. Size
  2. Judging it by the cover
  3. They’re hard to relate to
  4. They use difficult language
  5. They are forced to read it
  6. Familiar story lines
  7. They don’t like the characters
  8. They don’t want to find the inner meaning
  9. They’ve seen the movie

Here are the reasons she says you should read the classics:

  1. It’s satisfying to read such a big book
  2. The simplicity of the covers
  3. The old book smell
  4. Discovering old notations
  5. Expanding your vocabulary
  6. Learning history
  7. Discovering the deeper meanings
  8. Discovering the origins of today’s stories
  10. You can gloat about what you read

Be sure to check out the full articles. Emily runs an excellent blog with interesting discussions. I just really liked these in particular and wanted to share them here because I agree with her. So stop over and see her blog and pick up a classic!


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