Random Thoughts

Capture by Nicholas Gagnier

In honor of National Poetry Month, I wanted to give a shout out to a WordPress blogging poet I came across. His blog is called Retkon Poet.

Here is one of his poems that I liked the most so far:


Hold out
your open palm, and
help me capture old

ever faraway
lights we used to
count among

our calms.

And when you feel lost,
punctuating rehearsed
prayers to God,

remember you’re
a testament,

a gospel of
what’s possible for
churches built on detriment
that’ve not yet found
their rock.

Remember all
art forms began
a sketch,
as outlines
lacking shades,
fine edges obscured.

Keep in mind every

January becomes
a June,

and any story that begins
without glory can conclude with
us as royals.

Know there ain’t a poet
that knows what
what he
was when
he first spoiled the
page, composer of serenades
trump all
sense of time.

Find your something positive
and model it for innocuous ends.

Help me capture
a light, my dear
malcontents of ever afters;
instill it with your
and tragedies,
paradigms and truths,
so a paradoxical masterpiece may
emerge from your

burden of

The allure of your best is
a cure for your worst;

assert yourself over
the absurdity you’ve
purposely held
onto and therein lies

your worth.


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