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So my dad wrote this book…

I wanted to let everyone know that my dad wrote a book 🙂 I am extremely proud of him. This is actually his fourth book, but the first one he published under his real name. His other books were westerns and published under the pseudonym James Lorey. The book is available on Amazon and I also added it to the Goodreads library. His westerns are all available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle. Here are the links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25304783-earth-2-0?from_search=true & http://www.amazon.com/EARTH-2-0-Beginning-James-Heinlein/dp/0985214384/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1428280725&sr=1-2&keywords=james+heinlein


Earth 2.0: A New Beginning

Sometime in the future of the world, its inhabitants will have pushed the limits of their Creator over the edge. While effectively destroying the Ten Commandments and anything resembling their meaning, the children of the Lord allowed same sex marriage, a failing justice system, and the wishes of a single person running roughshod over the majority to become the norm. Soon, ordinary people were stripped of their rights. Banning prayer virtually anywhere and omitting the word ‘Christ’ from everything visible to the public did not add to the Lord’s mood. Honest hard working citizens who wanted to go to church, to own a gun, and to voice their opinion, had now been labeled as bigots. Legalizing all illegal drugs was the popular desire, obscuring more of the Lord’s desire for His flock. This push was started in the White House under the guidance of a radical woman president who divorced her husband and married another woman just to prove a point. She then led the country down a slippery slope. Once the Lord unleashed His wrath, twelve highly diverse people became the messengers of the Lord after the planet Earth was wiped clean. Together, they were led on a mission that is infinite in time and lessons, when the Lord struggled with the decision to ever allow the Earth and mankind to be given another chance to prove their worthiness to be Apostles of the Lord. How can their journey ever convince the Lord of mortal mankind’s worthiness?

Head over to Amazon to pick it up!


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