2015 Pop Sugar Book Challenge, Book Reviews

Bring on the Dusk (Night Stalkers #6) by M. L. Buchmann

I had long awaited this book in the Night Stalker series. Michael has played a side role in almost every book so far (I say almost because he is not in the novellas). The book is a great way to continue the series, however, it is also a completely stand alone book as well. You do not have to have read the other books to understand anything in this book. I was surprised with the new female character that was introduced. She was not nearly as wild or deeply scarred as the other female characters so far. However, I began to bond with her the further in the book I got.

The plot follows the new female Little Bird helicopter pilot. She is brought in and pulls Michael out of a sticky situation on her first night. They go through the standard on/off relationship habits of the other books, but it is nice to be able to get to know these two characters. They are both very introverted and getting to hear their thoughts as they observe others is very interesting to me. Of, course there is a big mission that will prevent a world war. Claudia proves herself over and over in strategy and planning, balancing out to Michael’s adaptive reaction response to situations. There are a couple of surprises, but nothing crazy. I didn’t think it had the same intensity as the other books, but that might have just been me. There is a lot of suspense and action, drama and heartache throughout the entire book. I was a little confused at the end of the book as to where these two characters would end up afterward, there were a few things that popped up near the end that has me wondering and there was nothing concrete said. I am looking forward to the next book just to see how these characters make out later on.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes military romance or romantic suspense. The sex scenes are there, but they are spread out and the author focuses a lot on emotions and what drives the different characters. All in all it is a great read, but definitely not for someone new to the military romance or romantic suspense. There are a lot of military references and the fighting scenes are intense, just like the other books. If you are just getting into this series, I would recommend starting at the first or second book – The Night Is Mine and  I Own the Dawn.

My rating:

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