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Loving Miss Darcy (Brides of Pemberley #2) by Nancy Kelley

I have found another set of Pride and Prejudice sequels. This set is called The Brides of Pemberley. I did not start on the first one, it was a retelling of Pride and Prejudice told from Mr. Darcy’s point of view. I have read several of those already and this one seemed short, so I decided to skip it. I jumped in with the second book that focuses on Georgiana.

One thing that threw me off when I started was the names the characters used. Fitzwilliam Darcy was addressed simply as William, and Colonel Fitzwilliam, whom in every other sequel I have read is named Edward or Edmund, was called Richard. It took me a few chapters to straighten everyone out.

The story follows the coming out of Georgiana in her first season in the ton. As expected Darcy and Fitzwilliam go overboard in their protection of her and this leads to a few difficulties. You meet several Colonel Fitzwilliam’s friends, who are very interesting characters. The season is filled with the typical social niceties and the mixing of people that we saw in the Jane Austen novels. You follow Georgiana through the highs, lows, stresses, and delights of her season. Like in the majority of other sequels, she is in love with Colonel Fitzwilliam, so her thoughts of the men are entertaining. What I particularly loved about this book was the inclusion of Kitty. In order to reduce Georgiana’s fear and revulsion of the idea of having a season, Darcy sponsors Kitty to a coming out season as well. I particularly enjoyed the portrayal of her character. Her interactions, conversations, and ability to help Georgiana through her trials kept the story very interesting to me.

I wanted to love this book, however, I found the story somewhat forgettable. I left my review for a few days, as is my normal habit, giving myself time to think it over and decide what I would like to write. However in that short time, I had completely forgotten the story and had to flip back through it to remind myself. That is unusual for me. I read the third book directly after, but I have not trouble remembering it (it will be the next review, Against His Will). So therefore, even though I do feel it is a simple story meant for an easy afternoon, it is not one I will be likely to pick up again. Any Pride and Prejudice sequel fans will enjoy the book, as I think young adults will be enthralled with the work. I personally, however, would have liked a more developed story line and a greater depth to the characters.

My rating:

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