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A Hockey Player’s Proposal (Oh Captain, My Captain #2) by Lindsay Paige and Mary Smith

This was a good short story. When I first started it, I thought it was going to be a dud, but it turned out alright. The hardest part for me was the author’s used present tense which threw me off a little at first because it seemed choppy and not flowing very well. However, once you got used to it, it didn’t really matter much.

The story follows a NFL captain, Brody, who happens to move next door to a hard-core hockey fan, Selene. The story starts with Brody thinking Selene is a stalker, but as they get to know each other, a romance kindles. The story follows the difficulties of starting a new relationship and explaining the trials and heartaches of the past to a new partner. To top it off, a REAL stalker shows up, add stress and drama to an already complicated relationship. The story keeps you interested, and moves along at a decent pace. There is a lot of sex scenes, but I have definitely read books that were a lot worse. This one actually had a story line and emotional growth in it, which was nice to see in a romance novella. One of my favorite characters was, surprisingly, Bonkers, the hyper, hockey-tv-watching dog of Selene. He was just too cute!

I would recommend this if anyone is looking for a simple summer romance read. There is not a lot of hockey really in it, so hockey fans probably won’t be drawn to it for the sport. The characters are interesting and well-developed, however, the story line wasn’t exactly original. It did a great job though of showing the emotions of the people being stalked which was a nice change.

My rating:

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