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The Night is Mine (Night Stalkers #1) by M. L. Buchmann

This is the first book in the Night Stalkers series and it starts the series off with a bang. This is surprisingly not my favorite book of the series, but it is still very good. I should probably start out by explaining what the Night Stalkers are, as the books revolve around it. The Night Stalkers is an elite Army helicopter group stationed in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. They perform missions during night, often secretive missions.

In this book, we are introduced to Captain Emily Beale and Major Mark Henderson, the two best pilots. Now it is difficult to write a review of this book, because if I tell you the premise, it will take away from a little of the surprise in the book, so let’s see if I can dance around it. Captain Beale is finally settling into her role as the new helicopter pilot in the unit under Major Henderson. Out of nowhere she gets transferred. You find out later it’s a security detail for a VIP. Major Henderson trails after her to ensure her safety and her return to his unit. During the mission, Beale and Henderson start to explore their feelings for each other, putting their careers in jeopardy. To top it off, the mission throws Beale together with an old love from her past. It is non-stop action, emotion pulling, and full of intrigue and deception. Beale even manages to crash two helicopters which is impressive, considering she is the best pilot in the Army…that should tell you how intense the story is. I reward M. L. Buchmann with his ability to successfully portray a romance, in particular the female site, in such a wonderfully intense and developing in such a fabulous way.

These two characters pop up consistently throughout the series for the first four books at least and play important roles in each. Since I started on book two, it was rewarding to go back and read about these two impressive characters that play such interesting roles in the later stories.  I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys military romance, romantic suspense, interesting story lines, or awesome female leads.

My rating:

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