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Georgiana Darcy’s Diary by Anna Elliott

I greatly enjoy Pride and Prejudice continuation books. It can be difficult to find ones that are not straight up romance/erotica and have a good story line to them, but this is one of them. Anna Elliott does a good job following Jane Austen’s vocabulary and phrasing, but it has a somewhat modern feel to the writing, not quite as dry as Austen.

One thing that I truly loved about this book was that it was set up exactly like a diary. There were dialogues in the entries, but you still kept the feeling of a diary throughout the whole book. You only read from Georgiana’s point of view and saw her thoughts about everyone around her. There are even drawings included, that demonstrate events in the book. It is a wonderful touch.

The story starts a short time after Elizabeth moves to Pemberly. Aunt Catherine has decided that Pemberly will be home to a short vacation of eligible bachelors for Georgiana to pick from. The story focuses on how Georgiana interacts with the different gentleman in the party as well as the regular guests. She has a difficult time with all the different gentleman, from Colonel Fitzwilliam to George Wickham (yes, he does show up again) to the numerous suitors staying at the house. A strong secondary character in this book was, surprisingly, Cousin Anne. The developing relationships between her and other characters provides some delightful readings. Also, Caroline Bingley is back with her usual drama, but she does not cause as much of a stir as one would expect. Aunt Catherine even sees a bit of romance!

All-in-all this is a delightful read for any Austen enthusiast. There is a second Georgiana book out, as well as third book in the series that focuses on Kitty Bennett. I enjoyed this book enough that I will most likely be picking them up as well. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, particularly anyone who wanted to read more about Georgiana. Her character is fully fleshed out and it is delightful getting to know her and see how she grows over the course of the book.

My rating:

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