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When the Wind Blows by James Patterson

As you’ve probably noticed, I am expanding my reading (somewhat successfully so far), but this probably wouldn’t have been on the list of things you’d think I’d pick up…because it wasn’t. I wanted to complete one of my book challenge tasks of reading a book a friend recommended to me. A friend of mine that I roomed with for a few months over the summer with my husband recommended this book to me. She absolutely loves James Patterson. I’m not entirely sure I liked this book. Actually, pretty sure I didn’t. I did give it a decent rating thought because the story line was strong and original, the story developed well, and the writing (vocabulary, grammar, dialogue, etc.) was good quality.

I’ll give a brief overview because mentioning more than a sentence or two will start to give away too much. An FBI agent on mandated vacation arrives in Colorado (not where he is supposed to go, but actually avoid) to follow up and investigate, quietly, a case he has been pulled off of. Additional murders arise in relation to the case. He meets a local veterinarian who discovered a surprising girl in the woods. A girl with wings for arms and horrifying story. Together, they work to save the girl and bring an end to his case.

This book is not for the overly empathetic or easily frightened. The story line is extremely well developed and thought out and it does build in a good way. However, the events are hard to take if you have never read a book like this before. I am not into human experimentation, but as you may have guessed, that is a topic in the book. Also, the fact that there were children killed I had a hard time with. You do become very attached to the characters. That is good writing on the authors part. I also liked how he bounced between the three characters, even though the veterinarian was chosen as the first person perspective. I liked being able to see what the characters were seeing and feeling and was able to connect with them on an emotional level. You wanted to see everyone succeed and get well and happy, but that was simply not possible and you (the reader) absorbed the horror and grief the characters felt. That is probably why I wasn’t a big fan. There was not a lot of happiness through the book, and therefore it was somewhat depressing to read.

I would recommend it to anyone who likes thriller stories or is a James Patterson fan. Also, any one interested in psychology or crime novels might be interested in this as well.

There is a sequel to the book called The Lake House. I do not plan on reading it, but I did look up a summary to see what happens to the characters in this book. I was happy how it turns out at the end of the second book, but I am not drawn enough to read it.

My rating:

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