2015 Pop Sugar Book Challenge · Book Reviews

Whispers in the Dark (KGI #4) by Maya Banks

This was probably the fourth or fifth time I’ve actually read this book. It is phenomenal. I have read most of the KGI series, but this was the first one I picked up and what initially got me interested in the series. It remains my favorite of the entire series so far.

The premise is Nathan is being held captive by a group of terrorists and through her telepathy Shea helps him to escape and get a message to his brothers to rescue him. However, Shea and her sister Grace are being hunted for their gifts of healing and telepathy. Shea reaches out to Nathan and the story unfolds. There are a few twists and a lot of family drama, but it is a rather original story line. The author touches on stories and events in previous books, but doesn’t do anything more. It is a complete read-alone story, which I love in a series. I absolutely love the female characters in this series of books. They are all strong, independent, vibrant women who are also vulnerable, caring, and sometimes insecure survivors. Shea is no exception. She goes out of her way to protect everyone she loves not caring about the personal cost. Also, the men in this series all adore their women. Nathan is completely smitten with Shea from the first time he hears her. As a result, their love story does not particularly grow throughout the story as much as it continues from beginning to end, simply being strained and strengthened by the events. The family dynamics in the book are very interesting as well. The morph and change over the series, but you catch a snapshot of each period of growth as new women are welcomed in and how the bonds of family form. Also, you meet several prominent characters that have their own book later on, and this story sets up for the next book that follows Shea’s sister Grace.

I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone interested in paranormal (specifically magical) romance or romantic suspense. There is not so much paranormal in it that a reader who does not normally read sci-fi would be put off by. Also, anyone who loves strong male characters, particularly military, would like this book. The same for people who like strong female characters, particularly women who have overcome extreme conditions. All-in-all it is a fantastic read.

My rating:

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