Random Thoughts

Reading the World

I came across an article this morning about a woman who had read a book from every independent nation in the world, 196 countries in total. This fascinated me. Ann Morgan wanted to find out what she was missing by not reading authors who wrote in English or were not from an English speaking country. Now I am a absolutely fascinated by culture. I have traveled and learned language and studied culture all through my college years, where I became absorbed by Spanish culture and heritage. So I was very curious to see her list and what she found. I discovered her blog: http://ayearofreadingtheworld.com/ Getting English translations of the books, was a difficult task. She talks about the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who (on their own!) did research, recommended books, and found copies of translations for her. She even had unpublished translation manuscripts sent to her by authors! This is so cool to me! She talked about how the reading of books from around the world and living through the characters in a different helped to change her world view and open her eyes to things she had never seen, thought, or imagined.

I am going to “press” her list into my blog and hopefully start to add books from her list into my reading. As m followers read before, I am working on becoming “well-read” and I think reading books from different cultures and by writers not in my language, race, or culture would go a long way to helping that. Oh, here’s the article! (http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20130715-reading-the-world-in-365-days)

Here’s the list of books: http://ayearofreadingtheworld.com/thelist/

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