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Book Formats

So there is a lot of debate out there about which types of book formats are the best. Well, I thought I’d weigh in on the subject. Personally, I use pretty much every book format: mass market paperback, hard back, audiobook, and e-book. I thought I’d share the pros and cons I have discovered with each type.

Audiobooks – I was never very into audiobooks until about three years ago. I am a visual person, so text appeals to me. However, I landed a new job that had a one-hour commute one way and was dating (whom I am now married to 🙂 ) that lived a ten hour drive away – I learned to like audiobooks. First, they allow me to feel like I accomplished something on my drive. Second, I often had a lot of trouble reading classics because I would get bored with the large words and long phrases (which is what I actually love about them – but they take work to get through) so audiobooks enable me to focus long enough to read the classics. However, I discovered that my recall on the story, characters, plot, etc. was very poor after I had completed the book. When I read, I can pretty much recall the whole story, but not so with audiobooks. So, whenever I come across a book that I listen to and really love, I buy the paper format.

  • RECOMMENDATIONS: I buy my audiobooks through iTunes because they are cheaper and allow you preview the book before hand. PREVIEW THE BOOK! It is exceedingly difficult to get through an audiobook where you can’t stand the way the narrator is speaking…

E-books – I love e-books for the ease they offer when traveling and carrying. I take books with me everywhere, and my Kindle has allowed me to take many more books. Also, e-books have a tendency to be cheaper. If there is a book that I am not sure I would be interested in, I buy the e-book. What I don’t like about e-books is that if the internet or electricity crashes you can’t read them. Also, you can’t move the format between different sellers (Kindle, Nook, etc). So again, if I really love the book, I buy the paper version.

Hard Backs – I have not really found an advantage to hard back books. Aside from the larger text size and the earlier release date, I usually do not buy hard back books. That being said, my husband and I are in the process of developing a family collection that is made up of hard backs of classics that we favor.

Mass Market Paperbacks – I love mass market. Cheaper, easy to store, light weight, and can take a beating LOL. The vast majority of my collection is mass market or trade paperbacks (when the book isn’t available in mass market).

Well, those are my thoughts. I hope they help you guys!


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